Terms & Conditions
1. Bookings and Prices

a) Prices are fixed by FiveStarminicab. In circumstances where there has been a delay or additional mileage to the journey which has been caused by either the passenger or by the prevailing traffic conditions, the additional charge will be decided by FiveStarMinicabs’ controller.

b) It is your responsibility to take note of FiveStarMinicab’s contact details whilst on travel. We advise you to print a copy of the confirmation that is sent via email. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by you failing to keep note of FiveStarMinicab’s details or your booking details.

2. Baggage

a) Medium Size Luggage assumes a luggage having a maximum height of 62 inch (158cm) and must not exceed 23kgs.

b) Hand Luggage is assumed to have a maximum dimension of 56cm(H)*45cm(W)*25cm(D).

c) Any luggage in excess (amount of luggage or size) that cannot be accommodated on the Private Hire Vehicle (excluding quoted luggage) cannot accommodate is the responsibility of the passenger.

3. The Vehicle

a) We try our level best to provide the requested type of vehicle. But sometimes you may get a bigger vehicle, depending on the availability of the vehicles.

b) Any fouling of the Private Hire Vehicle by any passenger will result in a charge of a minimum of £10.00 dependant upon the severity of the fouling.

c) FiveStarMinicabs will prosecute any person who causes damage to any Private Hire Vehicle booked through us.

d) Child Seats: Please note that we provide child seats free of charge as requested by the customers. We do our very best to ensure child seats are provided to the customer, but we cannot promise suitability for your child, or availability for your journey. Usage of child seats is entirely of the customer’s choice, and we cannot be held responsible or liable for their usage.

e) We try our level best to provide the requested type of vehicle. But sometimes you may get a bigger vehicle, depending on the availability of the vehicles.

4. The Driver

a) The driver has the right to refuse to take on board any passenger that he feels may be a threat to themselves or the vehicle.

b) It is your responsibility to inform FiveStarMinicabs if you could not locate the driver. Failure to do so will result in you having to pay the full fare for the pre-booked journey with FiveStarMinicabs.

5. The Journey

a) Driving time and distance shown on quotation page is only for guidance purpose, you may allow additional driving time for your journey in case of road works, diversions, road traffic, adverse weather conditions, additional pickups/drop offs, accident, breakdowns, police stop and search, terrorist threat, kidnaping, abnormal drivers health condition, and any other reasons . You are responsible for choosing your pick-up time, we do not guarantee any driving time and or we are not responsible for any other financial losses caused or in connection with driving time. We also advise you to take extra time for airline check-in.

b) FiveStarMinicabs cannot be held responsible for any loss financial, professional, missed connection times, flights, trains, because the PHV are not arriving at the pick-up address at the booked time due to adverse weather, traffic conditions, or road traffic accidents or road closures or being given the wrong booking information by the customer or customer booked it online and got the booking reference but customer did not get any confirmation from etc.

6. Pickups from Airports, Train Stations, and Seaports

a) It is the passenger’s responsibility to locate the Private Hire Vehicle driver at Airports, Train Stations and Seaports. In such places, you will be informed prior to pickup of the pick-up point location where the driver will be situated at. In circumstances that you fail to locate the PHV driver, you will be ordered to pay a charge to cover the costs. There is a minimum charge of £10.00 of which the final price will be decided by FiveStarMinicabs.

6. Changes & Cancellations

a) It is also your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your journey/plan. Should you have missed your travel arrangement prior to pickup (flight/ferry/cruise connections) you must inform us of the new arrangements and of any changes to the pickup time that may have been made. Failure to do so will result in you having to pay the full fare for the pre-booked journey with FiveStarMinicabs.

b) Cancellation: Cancellations can be made either by telephone 0208 961 6949 by calling or by email to info@fivestarminicab.com. These requests will be dealt with on behalf of the Suppliers concerned. In the event of cancellation or any other of any booking by the Customer, compensation may be required from the Customer depending on the costs of the travel arrangements already made.

c) Changes: We must be notified as soon as possible for any changes made to the reservations. If the changes are done before 4 hours of the requested time, no charges will be applied. However if it is within 4 hours of the requested time; charges may be applied, depending on the loss it has caused to the pre allocated driver or the company.

d) No additional charge for any flight delays. If you need more time for custom clearance, immigration etc, it can be requested in the booking form (send the driver in 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes from the flight landing time). 15 minutes from the requested time will be given free waiting time, thereafter every minute will be charged at 40 pence(GBP) including parking charge. Your requested time will be adjusted accordingly, if your flight is delay or early. It is noteworthy that 95% of our customers only pay fixed prices.

7. Website Content

a) The material displayed on this web site is provided for general information only and does not constitute acceptance of any bookings that may be made. We accept no responsibility for loss which may arise from reliance on information contained in this site or from any Private Hire Vehicle bookings made on this site.

b) FiveStarMinicabs reserves the right to amend, add to, delete or revise the Reviews, any advertisement and/or web page posted on the Website at the Company’s sole discretion with or without notice.